Which are the 5 best healthcare apps for Android in India?

With the advancement of the internet and smartphones, every industry has an online presence. Also, many creative top 10 mobile application development companies India have provided the user with much-needed flexibility and privileges.

Mobile phones and apps have reached even the most remote corners of the globe and many people are connecting to modern equipment using these apps.

The medical world is no different and takes full advantage of mobile applications to carry out its operations. The main tasks of the best healthcare apps in India such as patient-doctor consultations, appointments, symptom checking, and drug delivery are made possible by the audio and video features available in medical apps in line.

But you have to be sure that you choose the android apps development company India if you want to build an efficient and cost-effective healthcare solution.

5 best Healthcare apps for android application development in india :-

Number 1 health care best apps development companies India in the market. It’s a comprehensive app that covers all of your medical needs. You can search your drugs to find the lowest seller and order them online with him, they also provide all drug information.

You can make an appointment with your doctor or even see a doctor or healthcare professional online. Book health checkups and lab tests at reputable, quality labs and get tested in the comfort of your home.

Also, you can get personal and helpful health tips written by expert doctors.

Main Features:

  • New, fresh color palette.
  • Buy drugs online.
  • View drug information.

Practo : is the leading medicine app in India and is the best app of all healthcare apps. It offers online drug delivery and helps patients make appointments, analyze, lab tests, and more.

It is also called a nursing home that connects you all the way you need to take care of your loved ones and yourself. You can connect with the right doctors by checking reviews, ratings, location, and work experience.

Also, it helps you store your medical records digitally for future use and also stores information about the doctors that patients have seen through Practo.

Besides, users can order drugs online with this app and it will be delivered to you in over 50 cities in India. Thanks to the thousands of articles on offer, you can learn all about “new ways to be healthier” via the Practo app.

You need to follow four simple steps to get started with this Practo app: Explain your health problem, pay online, log in and see a doctor online. You can consult more than 169 specialists for several symptoms. The best part about this Practo healthcare app is 24 × 7 online medical consultations — No queues and no rush for doctor’s appointments.

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Main Features:

  • Renewal of physician lists
  • Smoother and better layout
  • You will find out everything you need to be healthier and happier.

PharmEasy :Pharmeasy offers you 20% savings on drugs and up to 70% savings on diagnostic tests.

Pharmeasy is the biggest online healthcare subscription portal in India with its app you can order healthcare products, OTC products, etc., and have them delivered to your home. You can even subscribe to their monthly top-ups and they’ll make sure you get your products every month. No hassle and no worry of running out of dosage. You can even set reminders in a few easy steps and you will never forget to take medication anymore.

Main Features:

  • Search feed.
  • Call to order.
  • Initial visibility for drugs out of stock.

Medlife :-Medlife is the award-winning, fast-growing online pharmacy and healthcare app serving over 500,000 satisfied customers. Medlife supports all applicable laws and regulations and is fully flexible with relevant legal requirements. If you want one app for all medical needs, the best way to find it all is to get the Medlife app on your device. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can visit a doctor online and get checkups with OTC products.

Main Features:

  • Home delivery.
  • Genuine products.
  • A quality medical check-up with the best discount.

Netmeds :Netmeds is India’s online pharmacy. With their application, getting the drugs you need just got easier. Just tap on the app, download your recommended medicines and the order will be delivered anywhere in India. You can even order on behalf of someone and give them a gift of health from your end.

It’s perfect for the hectic lives we lead these days, you don’t have to stop in between, just order on the go. It saves you time and gives you the best online drug store experience.

Main Features:

  • Buy all medicines faster.
  • Flexible application.
  • Get up to 20% off essential drugs.
  • Ensured the security of your personal information.

Bottom line: If you are planning to build medical mobile apps solutions to help both patients and doctors while growing your brand, you must partner with the best list of mobile app development Bangalore for various applications to enterprise and start-ups, while helping them to gain sales and grow their brand.

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