Top UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps 2021

Top UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps 2021

Your app is not modern unless it looks modern. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of the latest app design trends, including what’s in store for us in 2021. The question is, how can you predict the popular visual styles of tomorrow today?

Who would know better than the application designers themselves? We asked the 99designs community of freelance app designers what trends they’ve noticed lately. These are the top app design trends that you can expect to see more of in the next year and beyond.

Engaging sliding experiences

Swiping has always been one of the biggest advantages of mobile app development company in bangalore devices over desktop computers. While clicking is quick and easy, swiping is so much more … fun! App design trends in 2021 encourage you to take advantage of that advantage by making swiping more interesting, engaging, and memorable.

There are many different approaches to enhancing your sliding experience, so your only limit is your imagination. This can be as critical as adding an animation to your swipes that gives users a more satisfying “turning the page” experience, or something more ingrained in your application’s functionality to streamline user tasks.

Analog inspiration

The rule of thumb for app designs used to be the more modern the better. However, in 2021, we’ll see app designers go against the grain and bring analog inspiration back to their app designs. These apps incorporate design elements reminiscent of the analog world: paper and cardboard textures, collage-inspired designs, slightly yellowish backgrounds instead of pristine whites, retro typography, and button designs.

We’re seeing newspaper and magazine-style app designs, as well as old-school calculators and board games, giving high-tech apps a familiar and accessible environment.

The beauty of this app design trend is the warm and comfortable experience that this style invokes. It’s about making apps feel more real, homey, and satisfyingly tactile.

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Simplified UX

In 2021, you shouldn’t complicate interfaces and force users to take additional actions. Try to minimize the number of items and fields that customers must complete.

Simplified registration and login became one of the latest UX trends. For example, when logging into their marketplace account, users can enter their phone number. They no longer need to remember another password.

Therefore, Apple followed this recent UX trend and made a custom button that helps avoid additional registration steps. By clicking the button, you choose whether you want a website to see your email or not. One moment and you are connected.

Below you can see how IFTTT implemented this UX trend and makes the sign-up process that much easier.

Blurred and colorful background

The trend with different styles of wearing gradients was popular in the past and remains a relevant UI trend to this day.

Now the gradients are getting lighter, but at the same time, they look much more complex. What happens is that before, designers used between 2 and 3 colors in linear gradients. Now the number of colors can be increased to 10. Additionally, an overlay can be used.

Such gradients cause a moody outburst because they are so colorful. That is why designers from many famous companies like Stripe or MyMind enjoy using them.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Interaction with voice user interfaces has again become one of the UX trends as a result of its widespread adoption in UX / UI design. It has long been clear that design doesn’t have to be visual to work well.

The voice interface is an internal interface. It has more to do with context and data synthesis than actual design. However, designers are trying to keep up with the latest trends in user experience and provide users with a voice interface more and more often.

For example, today we can see dozens of applications where you can translate a word or sentence into any other language. It works in the following way. You click a button and the device starts recording your voice and translating your speech. In this way, you can easily communicate with people who do not know your language.

# 7 3D is everywhere

3D designs have attracted users for the past few years. Despite some drawbacks in memory consumption, 3D is a trend in both Mobile app development companies India and web applications.

In 2021, 3D will continue to thrive, especially as we see the growing popularity of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

# 3 Full screen minimalist backgrounds

Here’s another design trend that stands out this year. It abandons the traditional user interface design that places all meaningful content in the middle of the page and replaces it with an overwhelming full-screen experience. The approach makes the most of screen space to create visual and emotional appeal, clearly express the purpose of a web page, and encourage further exploration.

Through austerity, full-screen wallpapers take advantage of elegance and integrity in design, particularly favored by premium and luxury brands. However, don’t be fooled by the minimalist look; designing an attractive, high-converting full-screen interface that uses captivating images is easier said than done, and requires high-end user experience and user interface design skills.

Immersive Full Screen Graphics

Mobile devices have increased screen size, but attention is waning. This increases the bounce rate when the user jumps from a website because it was slow or not very interesting. To avoid this, designers offer web design with full screen graphics.

These types of graphics occupy the entire screen space to offer the user an immersive experience. This provides user engagement, interaction, and interest. Furthermore, with these graphics, the screen does not provide any distraction and the user can focus solely on the graphics on the screen.

With full-screen graphics, the list of mobile application development company India phone’s notification panel is also hidden for a while, avoiding any kind of distraction.

Blurred and colorful backdrop

Gradient graphics have been very popular in recent years and even today, the trend is still alive.

Initially, the designers used only 2 or 3 different colors to design linear gradients. But, today’s UI / UX design uses up to 10 different colors to design gradients.

More and more websites use backgrounds so colorful that they have gradients made up of more than 3 colors. Also, to keep the main content in focus, the graphics list of mobile app development companies Bangalore use a blurred background.

This makes the background attractive but very discreet so that the main content does not lose the user’s attention.

Chatbot UX Design

Chatbots are used in applications and websites. They allow the user to communicate with a chatbot or a live assistant of a company. Still, most designers opt for a bot, which automatically responds to user messages.

Well-designed chatbots use machine learning. They improve with every conversation they have by using up-to-date algorithms. Whenever a user asks a question, the chatbot quickly analyzes all possible reactions. The bigger your database, the better answers you can give.

Chatbots are a great way to build lasting relationships between a business and its customers. They are useful when it comes to building a trustworthy brand. That’s why we think this trend is the future of UX design. Especially with the development of AI, which can also be used to create a chatbot. The possibilities are limitless.


The design trend in 2021 will largely focus on minimalism, simple UX design, and interactive UI design. The article lists the UI and UX design trends that are here to stay in at least 2021. The same trends apply to website design trends.

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