Top Node.js Frameworks to use in 2021

Top Node.js Frameworks to use in 2021

Any web development conversation, is incomplete without the ,Javascript.

And similarly, any more ,conversation about Javascript would be, incomplete without Node.js.

However, over time, Node.js has shed the “web development” tag and ventured into more important things like API development and best mobile application development company India

But, even after all this time, there is still a big misconception about Node.js: that it is a framework.

The fact is that Node.js is a runtime based on the Google Chrome V8 engine.

Do not give. Such is the craze of Node.js, that we frequently see new frameworks built around it.

But with the arrival of so many frameworks, developers are in a quandary over which one to choose. This article aims to clear those doubts as we walk you through different Node.js frameworks, their features, use cases and which companies have been using them and also why you should hire a Node.js development team.

But one doubt must be clarified before diving into the frames.


When it comes to Node.js frameworks, Express is at the top of the list. It has a minimalist approach that appears to be a classic, straightforward framework for encoding architecture. Express.js was the formally free in 2010 & the was referred to as the issue customary for Node.js underneath the Massachusetts Institute of Technology license.

Express.js doesn’t require you to go steeper on the learning curve. A basic more understanding of the Node.js environment & the programming skills will suffice. Its fast, robust and asynchronous architecture works quite well with Node.

Express aligns with Node’s high-speed I / O operations and single-threaded nature, creating it a default demand for applications designed with the Node.js platform.

A additional sturdy application programme (API) means that a additional efficient type of client-to-server requests and visual user interactions.With Express.js, these software engineering principles are executed excellently.

The improved communication between the client and the server provides a completely pleasant experience for a web or list of mobile apps development company India user. Companies like Twitter, Uber,& the alternative school giants like IBM deploy applications engineered with categorical.

Express offers some more powerful ,the features that take backend ,app development to the next level.


The Hapi.js framework was created and 1st used for the event of the Walmart chain app.The idea behind this is to build a framework capable of supporting a great team working on multiple tasks simultaneously. That is considered one of the main advantages of Hapi.js, and the developer community agrees that it is an excellent solution for a large, distributed team working on a complete application. Today, Hapi.js is among the tools used to the develop the mobile applications & the websites of the Yahoo web service provider & even the UK government. Other benefits of Hapi.js include:

Full plug-in support that helps collaboration of different team members working on various components without affecting overall performance

Reusable component support

Being a full-stack Node js the framework, is best suited for more use with multiple application the programming languages. With this multiplexing support, it is known for real-time list of application development companies Bangalore that require instant & more the reliable connectivity. Facilitates binary communication and fast development speed for API integrations and other real-time features.

It is mainly used to develop Chatbots, conferencing applications and other settings where data needs to be sent without requests. offers some cool features:

  • Binary streaming and multiplexing support with easy and efficient socket management functions.
  • Real-time analysis capabilities with automatic reconnection support, robust error detection and correction.
  • Custom URL routing for web sockets is made easy with reliable connectivity implemented with just a few lines of code.
  • API for client and server-side development of a real-time application for two-way and multi-party communications.

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Meteor.js is Node.js’ full-stack framework that enables developers to build web and mobile applications in real time. It uses a single API for front-end and back-end development processes to ensure flawless operations.

Meteor.js is considered one of the best Node.js frameworks because it offers a heavy duty web application development process compared to Express.

Meteor.js benefits

  • It improves the development efficiency of the software development company as it uses the same code support for different devices.
  • Reduces the coding the requirement for web & mobile applications.
  • It offers ease of integration with other programming languages ​​such as Angular, React, Vue, etc.
  • When to use Meteor.js
  • Meteor is the perfect choice for developing mobile and web applications. Not only is it easy and simple to learn, but it also allows you to use the same code to write both applications.

The best part about using Meteor:

It can be used to implement live updates even to installed mobile app development company in bangalore without interrupting an ongoing user session.


NestJS is a highly growing and flexible Node.js REST API framework for developing scalable, reliable and optimized server-side applications. It uses modern JavaScript capability and is made with TypeScript.

Nest uses Express.JS and provides an unusual application architecture that enables easy development of easily maintainable, loosely coupled, highly scalable and testable applications. Developers can use the Nest CLI to develop NestJS applications with different functions.

The different NestJS features include:

  • Nest CLI unlocks great features
  • Features of Express.JS
  • Easy frontend development in AngularJS as both Angular and Nest use TypeScript.
  • It offers a modular structure to organize codes methodically.
  • Better reliability thanks to TypeScript.

Last words

We hope your purpose of landing on this blog post for the best Node.js frameworks has been accurately fulfilled. With the huge capabilities, the Node.js frameworks make it really convenient to develop full-stack applications efficiently. It has an active community of a large number of full-stack Node.js developers, constantly developing new and improved frameworks.

If you are new to using Node.js, you can be sure that you have chosen a solid option that has existing advanced options and many more to come in the future. Choose the best Node js framework from the options listed above keeping in mind your custom web application requirements. With more developers making the switch to Node.js, you will surely experience better solutions and features in the future!

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