Top 5+ Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

Top 5+ Best Email Apps for Android in 2021

When was the last time you cursed your phone for being too small to display images properly or record a keystroke properly? Six inches of screen isn’t much room to be productive, and yet 75 percent of us are using our phones to manage our email.

If you fall into that category and use an Android development phone, there are hundreds of email application clients to choose from in the Google Play store. You can throw in the towel and use the app that comes pre-installed on your phone, but standard Android application development companies India will never be up to the competition. Trust us, we check.

After passing of the most promising Android email applications, we’ve narrowed the list down to the top email apps


Well, we couldn’t have the best email app list of 2021 without putting Spike at the top of the list. And indeed, when we talk about the exciting new ways email is evolving, we are really thinking about Spike’s approach to 21st century communications. Spike combines the open-surce silo communication power of email application with the simplicity, convenience, and speed of the chat.

By offering a more responsive and progressive way to stay in touch, Spike rejuvenates the tired features seen in standard email services by removing dizzying headers and signatures so threads appear in chat form. It’s called Conversational Email application and it changes the way you view your email application- literally!

Spike integrates a number of useful functions directly into the top 10 mobile app development companies india providing the ultimate unified workspace. Priority inbox keeps all your conversations with your most important contacts front and center, and an omniscient calendar is easily accessible on the same screen as your inbox, so you never miss an appointment and can check it without changing. screen or application.

Shared notes and tasks online bring your team together in a single centralized space so you can discuss concepts and brainstorm without ever leaving your inbox. It’s a breeze to set up and collaborate with any of your contacts, driving teamwork and productivity above and beyond. Do you need to share a file? Easy. Drop it on the note. I finished a task on the to-do list. Easy. Mark it as done. Worried about when changes or edits are made? No problem. Every time a collaborator updates a note or task, it appears directly at the top of your inbox so you don’t miss a thing.


The old workhorse of the email world, MS Outlook has been around since 1997; that’s a long time in the fast-paced world of technology. It is perhaps the most widely used email client in business, and many companies rely on the Microsoft name to provide a robust and reliable email client that won’t let them down.

Unsurprisingly, this is reflected in its price, and many individual users are reluctant to shell out their hard-earned money when there are perfectly useful free options on the market.

Outlook still has a few tricks up its sleeve though, and anyone who uses Microsoft 365 on a regular basis will love the seamless integration with the company’s broadest set of tools. This includes MS Calendar and popular applications like Excel and Word. In addition, both Windows and Mac are fully compatible with additional mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Naturally, such a heavy hitter couldn’t be left out of the list of the best email application of 2021, and his worldwide reputation continues to gain a following today. The latest developments that integrate Microsoft’s OneDrive are also helping to propel the application into the future, with seamless cloud connectivity that streamlines a myriad of daily tasks.

Convenient features like File Manager allow you to preview your files directly in line with your message, meaning you never have to download anything you don’t need. It even has seamless cloud integration, so you can send large files in seconds.

Additionally, Spike’s Undo Send feature allows users to stop an email before it reaches the recipient’s inbox so you can save face in case of misspelling or incorrect attachments. Spike also integrates a Send Later more feature to allow simple scheduling of your the messages at a more convenient time, perfect for those who work with teams spread across the wordl different time and the zones. Finally, Spike is truly cross-platform and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and web browsers, so you can use it from any device, anywhere!


Even if you think you know everything about Gmail, or are reading this article to find an alternative, there are many reasons to stick with Google’s free email client. That is, you won’t find another Android app that automatically sorts your inbox as well as Gmail does.

Many of the mobile apps development companies in bangalore on this list are packed with features for marking messages as important, moving them to folders, or applying custom labels. Gmail is the most accurate and comprehensive way to do those things for you. Tags are automatically assigned to messages related to promotions, updates, forums or social networks. And many people believe that travel, finance, and shopping will be transferred to Gmail from Google’s Inbox app.

In fact, frequent updates to your smart tags and interface design are benefits in themselves. Even during our testing, a heavily revamped version of the Android app was released that improved the mobile experience. Google’s Material Design Updates reduce screen clutter, display attached files and linked documents as buttons in a message’s preview text, and make switching between multiple accounts as easy as tapping your profile photo. It’s a safe the assumption that this android application probably gets more the attention from the developers than any other Android applicationemail client.


Going beyond the world of the massive tech more companies, we have Thunderbird. Developed by a subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, it aims to be a powerful & secure email application client for more personal use.

Thunderbird’s options square measure quite spectacular. you’ll realize all the quality mail filtering, archiving and looking out that you just square measure wont to in alternative applications. however spirit goes on the far side these basics with tools for managing massive files, plugins to increase the mobile apps development company in bangalore practicality, and a unified inbox that enables you to track multiple accounts in one place.

In explicit, spirit places a good stress on security and privacy. It detects phishing tries, warns you once you square measure getting ready to click on suspicious links, and doesn’t track your activity.

And since spirit is open supply, anyone is liberated to contribute to the project or customise the applying for his or her own wants. the sole draw back to spirit is its lack of mobile apps, however there square measure many alternative choices on this list to fulfill that require.

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Edison Mail

Unlike several alternative apps on this list, discoverer Mail has taken a mobile-centric development approach. Its aim is to supply Associate in Nursing esthetically pleasing, ad-free email expertise on your robot or iOS device.

At its most elementary, discoverer Mail permits you to manage all of your email accounts and inboxes in one place. whether or not you’ve got a Gmail, Outlook, or maybe Yahoo! email address, you’ll simply access it through discoverer Mail.

However, wherever things get fascinating is with discoverer Mail’s intrinsical assistant. it’s several options for travelers, together with flight updates, destination weather forecasts, and just-in-time directions. It may also inform you of package deliveries supported incoming emails, monitor value drops for things, and even mechanically unsubscribe from annoying newsletters and promotional emails.

To keep of these options free, discoverer Mail uses a noteworthy substantiation model. rather than displaying ads, they mixture ecommerce info from their inbox and use it to form shopper trend reports that they then sell to businesses. whereas this can be less personal than spirit or ProtonMail, it still provides a far better user expertise than ad-supported email purchasers.

How to opt for the most effective robot email app for you

Before you’ll opt for Associate in Nursing app, you would like to know your robot email habits. square measure you victimisation your inbox as a disturbance list and want organization? square measure you victimisation it primarily for planning and worth calendar integrations? does one worth safety specially else? As you raise yourself these and alternative queries, bear in mind that your answers is also totally different once finding out mobile apps.

Try group action what you prefer regarding alternative mobile communication apps (think: chat apps) Associate in Nursing decide an robot email consumer with similar edges.

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