Some Good Android Apps for Video Editing?

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Wondershare Filmora:

Wondershare Filmora (previously Wondershare Video Editor) is the ideal decision in the event that you need to begin with essential video altering usefulness with the chance to progress further as you go.

Filmora is accessible for Windows and Mac PCs, while the organization’s FilmoraGo portable application is allowed to download for the two iOS and Android gadgets.

The FilmoraGo application has a large number of these highlights, in addition to an Effects Store where you can fuse preset introductions, topics, and advances into your video creation.


There are times when you just want to edit a video, no fancy collages or splices. For that, there is InShot, a practical application that allows you to trim, speed up or add music and filters to the video. It’s pretty fundamental, but with that comes great ease of use. You can also add a background, if you want, although we think it’s great to have an image overlay, like we did with the video above.

I took a simple video of a quiet beach scene, but enhanced it with InShot’s “warm filter” and added a suitable music track to it: a song called “Pikake Stream” by Kalani. (I recommend watching the video in its entirety with headphones, especially if you’re having a stressful day.)

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Splice allows you, as the name suggests, to stitch together different video clips on your phone to create a moving collage.

We had so much fun playing with this one, especially since Splice even contains a library of music tracks that can be used as a background for your finished product. You can likewise utilize the application to manage and alter the various bits of video and modify the term of the progress starting with one scene then onto the next.


We’ve already covered the freshness of photo collages. PicPlayPost is a simple application that allows you to do exactly that. Just remember that the sound from both videos will be playing at the same time, so make sure they don’t collide with each other.

There are numerous utilizations for a video collection application, yet my partner, Lindsay Kolowich, especially prefers the manner in which wellness star Melissa Made utilizations it on her Instagram account. She posts video collages with her doing a workout on one side, while explaining the workout out loud on the other.


WeVideo leads the charge when it comes to cloud-based video editors — that is, software that is accessed and hosted online rather than working from your device’s hard drive.

And this app is great, if you are happy to upgrade to one of the premium versions. The free version comes with all the basics to test the waters.You can manage cuts, add channels, pick music from the implicit library, and then some.

Nonetheless, you just have 10GB of distributed storage for your video alters, and the free form puts a watermark on your recordings. So if you plan to create more than one video, you will need to upgrade.


Videoshop is a superb personal and professional mobile video editing app for iOS and Android. you’ll easily trim seconds, hamper your footage, or merge multiple clips into one, beat this single app.

As an easy-to-use mobile video editor for Android app development companies India and iOS, this app is great for quick editing, adding filters, sound effects, and far more.

Other features include attaching a soundtrack to your video, and animated transitions.

With of those features to play with, you’d not need another video editing app to plug your business.


iMovie is one among the foremost popular video editing apps on this list. Is iMovie free? Yes, it’s 100% free! Unfortunately, like all Apple software, this app is simply available to iOS apps development company India users.

The video editor is very simple and intuitive to use.. The drag and drop interface makes editing unique and straightforward .

iMovie has all the essential functions you would like to edit videos on your iPhone or iPad. you’ll add music, record audio, and insert filters. there’s a library of pre-made transitions and therefore the app supports 4K resolution.

This app may be a excellent spot to start out if you’re new video editing. However, once you’ve got learned the way to handle it, you’ll start trying to find an alternate video editing app with more features.

Quik App:

As the name suggests, it allows users to form videos quickly. With fast editing process, you’ll capture, and post videos in no time. Quik was designed primarily for Instagram users, but is suitable for anyone who has photos and videos on their device. There are about 28 assorted video styles. Its auto-edit feature is its best feature, however, you’ll still make a couple of adjustments: style; rhythm; fountain; Titles; filters; clippings, etc. the sole downside is that it gives users little or no editing control.


StoriesStudio allows you to need an video and cut it into clips which can then be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and more stories. Just upload your video to StoriesStudio then choose what percentage seconds you would like the video to chop off and hit save.

For example, if you’ve got a video that’s 60 seconds long, you’ll use StoriesStudio to chop your video into 6 separate videos that are 10 seconds long each. The StoriesStudio app allows you to upload long videos to your Social Media Stories easily and quickly.


Clips could also be a quite iMovie for a replacement generation of creators, with stickers, and transitions..It is an application for creating and sharing funny videos with text, more.

This application allows you to make captions and animated titles that appear automatically while you speak. Animated photorealistic emojis and stop-motion backgrounds can also be added to make your video slightly more interesting..

You can also add filters and effects to the project.You can also add a song that you simply simply created in GarageBand .


It is not that difficult to settle on the simplest video editing application if you recognize all the parameters that require to be evaluated before buying one. Most of those apps accompany a free version, so you’ll try them out before investing. Whether you’re a hobbyist or knowledgeable , your choice are going to be determined by the feature pack you’ll need. We hope this text helps you discover the right app that most accurately fits your needs.

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