React Native — Is it Really the Future of Mobile App Development?

The development of dedicated applications for companies has gone from being a necessity to a priority in the world of competition. The focus now is on reducing development cycle time, optimal performance, and faster deployment. With hybrid Mobile apps development company Bangalore using React Native, Ionic & amp; Xamarin is penetrating the market in a big way, developers expect a unique application that adapts to device platforms and user experience.

The leading reactive native app development company is making great strides with apps based on React Native, a cross-platform app development framework for both iOS and Android.

The main benefit of using React Native is allowing end users to enjoy the native experience. At the same time, the same code can be shared between multiple application operating platforms. As React Native uses JavaScript as its programming language, the framework has gained massive popularity.

React Native in Application Development: Its Importance

The Facebook News Feed first implemented React native in 2011 and was integrated into Instagram in 2012. Leading commercial companies around the world have realized the potential of mobile applications developed within this framework, due to their faster development cycle and flexibility. Also, considering the massive morerevenue generated by mobile lication, developers are incorporating this framework into their app building process. By 2020, mobile apps will generate revenue of $ 188.9 billion, through in-app advertising and app stores. Additionally, the continuing demand for aesthetic appeal and fluid navigation of mobile applications has made it essential to adopt React Native for application development.

Today’s top React Native-based apps include Microsoft OneDrive, Instagram, Uber, Skype, and Flipkart, among others.

Key factors behind the large-scale incorporation of React Native

  1. Integrating native code

2) Shorter development cycle

3) Better user interface

4) Compatibility with third-party applications

5) Live updates

Why is React Native the future of the mobile application development?

When a company is considering mobile application development, one of the points to consider is whether to develop for iOS app development company India or Android. While the former brings the benefit of providing customers with a better user experience, the latter has the advantage of being faster to implement and keeping development costs low. The ideal development would be one that combines the benefits of the two dominant platforms to offer shorter development cycles, faster deployment time, and superior application performance.

Hybrid mobile applications bridge the gap between user experience & ease of list of mobile application development companies India development. Furthermore, they are built using technology such as JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS, with which most developers are already familiar. These applications come in a shell that can run natively on both device platforms. While there are several technologies for hybrid app development, React Native, supported by Facebook, leads the way in terms of a user interface (UI) design framework.

React Native the future of mobile app development? The reasons are detailed below:

Superior user interface experience:

While other JavaScript frameworks like MeteorJS and AngularJS offer cross-platform app development, React Native is primarily focused on the user interface for mobile devices. It works like a JavaScript library instead of a framework. The fluidity of JavaScript interactions within the native environment makes the user interface more responsive and results in faster load times, thus presenting a smoother experience for users.

Preferred by developers:

The reason for the popularity of React Native among developers is that it is based on JavaScript, which most of them are familiar with. It makes work easier compared to iOS, which requires learning Swift or Java for Android. Once a developer is familiar with the native UI elements, APIs, and other design features specific to React Native, development can begin. Additionally, the library includes a variety of tools that support application design, debugging, and deployment to the App Store or Google Play.

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Easier learning curve:

The development of the React Native mobile application is based on the fundamentals of the language, which makes it very readable and easy to learn. However, if you’ve just started working with JavaScript, React Native is the right place to start. It has the potential to be a great learning tool for mastering a variety of components, such as filters and maps.

Whereas, if you are a seasoned developer who has been on the market for a while and has gained experience with standard features, React Native may not give you room to reinvent the wheel. However, this saves you time and money in the development process.

Dynamic developer experience:

React Native developers typically have a dynamic & the positive overall theexperience, with a the great application development environment. They can also make and apply modifications to the application while it is active and running, eliminating the need for a restart.

With React Native, developers can use flexbox to generate app layouts, allowing them to use a similar layout for IOS, Android, and the web. Additionally, developers can even embed Chrome developer tools with their native React using a desktop Chrome browser, giving them easy access to their debugging and profiling tools.

While working on an existing list of mobile app development company bangalore, you can even the incorporate React Native mobile application components, regardless of the current code.

Interactive user interface:

An improved user experience is vital to the success of an application. If you fail to impress users, they will easily lose interest in your application. With the React Native framework, mobile app developers can create an interactive interface. This will make users explore more about the functions of the application.

It’s safe to say that React Native is the future of mobile app development company in bangalore To create a fully functional React Native application, it is best to seek out React Native application development company. They are given the right tools and resources that can add value to the overall development process.

Cross-platform compatibility:

Previously, the React Native was released for the iOS application platform, but over the time, Facebook the realized its more thetrue potential and released it for Android application as well. This clearly indicates that this framework supports application development for both Android and iOS by implementing a single side-by-side code base, thus contributing to cross-platform capabilities.


The developing world is rapidly shifting to cross-platform applications and they will become one of the most widely used technologies in the coming time. React Native will inevitably lead the way in the future of mobile app development, with various benefits like a shorter development process, native performance, and more. Also, while React Native helps create very high-quality applications, it also makes application design easier. With that said, and considering all the points we talked about above, you can be sure that you will see React Native in the future of mobile app development and be sure to consider it for your next app development project.

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