How To Develop a Grocery Delivery App

How To Develop a Grocery Delivery App

Over the last few years, mobile technology has gained a lot of popularity and made significant progress in the retail industry. With the rise of internet usage and eCommerce apps, more people are turning to the internet to shop for clothes, pay bills, learn new skills, and buy home items and groceries. E-commerce smartphone apps are increasing at an incredible clip these days, and grocery-related apps are following suit.

Apps for Grocery Delivery: A True Blessing For Online Grocery Shoppers

People who use supermarket delivery apps with tap-and-collect capabilities, various payment choices, and same-day on-door deliveries have practically rendered brick-and-mortar stores a refugee in their own country. Furthermore, on-demand grocery delivery apps not only make shopping easier and more convenient for customers, but they also assist businesses increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. That is why a growing number of entrepreneurs are interested in starting an online grocery store and developing their own grocery delivery apps.

The supermarket business is currently experiencing rapid growth, and there are numerous prospects to succeed. Traditional grocery supply networks are being tested in new ways as a result of the COVID-19 problem. Due to the entire lockdown, people are having difficulty accessing vital foodstuffs. Malls, grocery stores, and supermarkets are all closed. In these difficult times, developing a food delivery app is a must, and retailers are rushing to go online and construct their own supermarket shopping apps.

Features to Include When Developing a Grocery Delivery Mobile App

For its many entities, every programme requires a baseline set of features and functionalities. Customers, Store Owners, and Admin are the three primary entities in a grocery delivery Mobile apps development bangalore . The following are the characteristics of each of them:

Customers Panel for Grocery Delivery App


Customers should be able to sign up for the app with ease. A user can easily log in by providing basic information such as their name, email, phone number, and address.

Search for Products:

Customers can choose from a large selection of food and grocery items to find what they need.

Search in a more advanced way:

Users should be able to apply filters to their searches to make them more efficient.

Mode of Payment:

Customers must be able to pay using popular and user-friendly ways such as Paytm, UPI, Paypal, and Google Pay.

Delivery Timeline:

Customers should be able to choose their desired delivery time slot through the mobile app development companies in bangalore .

Order status:

Customers should receive alerts via SMS and mail, and they should be able to check the status of their orders in real time.


Users should have complete control over the settings, including the ability to change contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Ratings and reviews:

Customers can provide comments on the things they have received as well as the store. It will contribute to a better overall experience.

Store Owner Panel for Grocery Delivery App Development

Store Finder:

Customers can look for them as a closed store and place orders through the map, which the store owner can reposition on the map.

Pickup in Store:

Customers can pick up their orders from the store if they prefer. Customers’ offline grocery business will improve as a result of this.

Profile management:

The store owner has complete control over his store’s profile. The owner can change or update their information at any time and from anywhere, including their name, email address, and phone number.

Advanced Features to Consider When Developing a Grocery Delivery App

Notifications by Push

When you are not using the app, push notifications display on the screen in the form of alerts. You can provide relevant and customised content to your customers at the most appropriate times with these messages.

Tracking in Real Time

Sending frequent live tracking updates to a GPS device, such as a cellphone, is referred to as real-time tracking. As a result, the drivers deliver the products on time, and clients do not have to wait in suspense if there is a delay.

Tracking using GPS

The consumer gets a highly tailored experience with a GPS tracking device in a top 10 mobile apps development company India . It uses the user’s current location to deliver information such as things to order, currency, local grocery stores, nearby stores, and so on.

Analytics in Real-Time

Real-time analytics is the examination of data as soon as it becomes accessible. It assists you in tracking user activity, detecting fraud, reducing costs, and increasing conversion rates and revenues.

Programs to Reward Loyalty

Loyalty programmes enable organisations to maintain a regular level of engagement with their clients, thereby increasing brand loyalty. Redeemable Coins, Vouchers, Memberships, physical presents or gift cards, non-tangible prizes, and other programmes are available.

Calling from within the app (Consumer and Store Owner Plus Delivery Boy)

Both the consumer and the store owner should be able to contact the delivery boy from within the app, similar to Uber, OLA, and others.

Consumer and Store Owner + Delivery Boy can chat in-app.

In the same way that in-app calling had a call feature, there should be a chat feature that allows the delivery boy to speak with both the client and the store owner.

Number Masking is a system that protects the privacy of customers by connecting them with the delivery boy without revealing their true phone numbers.

Dashboards that are unique to you

Custom dashboards give every department in your company a dedicated spot to access, interact with, and analyse current data so they can make better, data-driven decisions.

Visual Lookup

When a user is unable to recognise an actual product but still wants to buy from your app, AI-based visual search can help. Visual search is a type of online search that employs real-world visuals (screenshots, Internet images, or photographs) as the stimuli and returns the required results.

What Does It Cost to Create a Grocery Shopping and Delivery App?

The total cost of a grocery shopping or delivery app is determined by a number of variables. Let’s have a look at the ones that have the largest impact on app development costs:

App Complexity

The intricacy of your app and the quantity of features you’re willing to include will be the most significant cost factors in the creation of your supermarket app.

Dimensions of the Development Team

The amount of app developers involved in the app development process will have a significant impact on the cost of your grocery app. The cost may also be affected by the inclusion of specialised developers and specialists.

Platform Selection

Android apps development company India is the most popular mobile platform in today’s world, with iOS close behind. As a result, the platform you choose will have a significant impact on the cost of your project.

Location of Preference

The hourly fee charged by developers varies from one region to the next. This is due to the fact that the company’s resources, knowledge, and experience vary greatly.

The facts stated above are more than sufficient to demonstrate that constructing an app from the ground up is a difficult undertaking that necessitates a significant amount of time and effort, as well as a significant financial investment to employ a development team. Growcer, an on-demand grocery service, comes to the rescue in this situation.

A Full-Service E-Commerce Grocery Store

Growcer is a feature-rich eCommerce grocery platform with ready-to-use Android and iOS app development company India mobile apps for both buyers and delivery personnel. In addition, our flawless grocery solution includes admin, buyer, seller, and delivery staff web portals, making it a one-stop platform for building an online eCommerce grocery website and launching a readymade grocery app at the best possible price.

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