How much would it cost to build apps like Flipkart ?

Are you in the process of building your eCommerce application like Flipkart and are you new to the business? If so, you need to hire a professional team of developers or an eCommerce app development company in India, so that things don’t get out of your control, especially when you are just starting. Also, you should have knowledge about the application development process as well as its cost aspects. This in-depth analysis of the factors impacting the overall cost of building an app like Flipkart will help you get started.

The cost of developing top 10 mobile apps development companies Bangalore depends on certain aspects. And you will need to understand each of these aspects to calculate the true cost of developing the e-Commerce application.

These aspects include the essential and advanced functionalities of the application, the functionalities, the technology stack such as the application platforms, the application design, the method of payment, the structure of the development team, the resources, business model, development time, etc.

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Benefits of mobile apps for ecommerce businesses:

  • Mobile apps are more responsive than websites; the apps run faster in all aspects and provide a convenient way for users to buy things.
  • It can store customer data and provide the functionality to create profiles and the user can maintain account links with bank details.
  • Companies can send offers, discounts, and product recommendations to target audience according to user preferences
  • Businesses can turn the local business into a global business by developing mobile apps for their business.
  • Mobile e-commerce applications allow the user to experience the vital interface accessible online and offline as well.
  • It helps to build customer loyalty by rewarding or offering discounts and helps connect more with your business.
  • With the help of a mobile app, businesses are available 24/7 all the time and can resolve many queries in the mobile app with instant chat.
  • Users can experience the combination of UX, user-friendly design, and simple navigation which leads to improved conversion rates.

Factors that determine the cost of developing an ecommerce application like Flipkart

The cost of developing an app like Flipkart belongs to the section of database apps, and its cost is almost higher than that of the app without a database or simplistic app. How much does it cost to develop an app like Flipkart Cost? And all of this took into account the factors below. You have to keep in mind the dynamics mentioned below.

  1. The cost of developing e-commerce applications like Flipkart varies across different platforms; Android costs relatively more than the iOS platform because it mainly contains devices to test on. (Among other reasons)
  2. The cost of developing an online e-commerce application like Flipkart depends on the choice of the size of the android apps development company India . The bigger the size, the more it costs. An application like Flipkart is bound to store countless amounts of data in the form of numbers, images, texts, and numbers.
  3. The development of mobile e-commerce applications like Flipkart depends on basic features like user accounts, purchase history, favorites, QR codes, image manipulation, and advanced features like sync data, push notifications, geolocation, etc.


The app is available for download from app stores such as Google Play, App Store (iOS apps development company India), Store (Windows Phone). Users, depending on their device, can access these stores and download the app. They can log in and start purchasing products. The app offers the best product search and filtration features. In addition, it is easy to pay online as the app supports almost all applicable online payment methods in India as well as Cash on Delivery (COD).

Features that impact the cost of developing an e-commerce application like Flipkart

  • Wish list button to create a list of products that a user can purchase
  • Customer review and rating
  • Google Analytics for statistics
  • Universal bond
  • Full synchronization of the website with the professional app
  • Push notifications to notify users of new updates or offers
  • A simple registration process
  • Easy product navigation
  • Booking calendar
  • Camera integrated into the application
  • Real-time order tracking
  • My shopping cart
  • Menu
  • Notification section for quick verification
  • Social media integration
  • Integration of the payment gateway
  • Activity or news feed
  • Intercom support
  • Crash report or report
  • Secure data travel
  • Calls or messaging in the app
  • Connect to a third-party API
  • Ping, invite and earn function to offer coupons
  • Live chat support to resolve customer queries ASAP
  • Augmented reality (AR) view
  • Easy payment
  • UI and UX design
  • Help Center
  • Legal information sections.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce app like Flipkart?

the cost of building an e-commerce application like Flipkart will depend on technology demand and be based on different platforms; The cost of developing Android’s Flipkart top 10 mobile apps development companies india is sufficiently higher than that of the iOS platform, as most have more devices to check out.

This application is designed to attract and retain customers while being user-friendly.

Finally, well-experienced developers are essential because their location and expertise also affect the functionality and price of developing apps like Flipkart.

Including the mobile wallet, quality is subject to additional costs but, certainly comes with its benefits. Advanced technology and resources are needed, usually at a better price.

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