How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Social Media App?

For a long time, social media has been a habit, but it is only recently that it has become a fundamental part of it. Every day, millions of people all around the world check their phones first thing in the morning, several times throughout the day, and just before going to bed.

Social media is no longer just a platform where people can interact with their friends and family and post birthday greetings.

It is now a gathering spot for people who want to be entertained. It’s a place where people expect to find out what’s going on in the world. It’s also a meeting point for brands and users.

The majority of people now use their cellphones to browse social media platforms. This market is still dominated by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New apps, such as TikTok, enter the market by storm on a regular basis, changing the rules of the game as well as the game itself.

Have you ever wondered how much a social media Mobile app development company Bangalore costs to develop? In this page, you’ll find answers that are pertinent for 2021.

Main features

The cost of developing a social networking iPhone app development India is mostly determined by the features you wish to include. Naturally, there is a list of must-have characteristics — a social network would be incomplete without them. So, what are they exactly?

Users’ onboarding

This is a critical feature. Consider the first thing that comes to mind when you want to join a social networking site. You must check in to write comments, share information, and personalise your profile if you have one. You don’t want your users to feel anxious about their personal information, thus authentication is also vital for security.


Your personal profile will most likely be the first thing you see. It acts as a vehicle for self-expression and uniqueness. Many social media platforms are now adding new features to make users’ profiles more enjoyable and unique. Photo filters, animated interest lists, and vibrant backgrounds… All of them allow the user to customise his or her profile to his or her liking.

Content creation and distribution

Without these capabilities, no social network can exist — in order for individuals to communicate, they must have content to share. The importance of visual material is becoming increasingly crucial in the social media company.


Feed is a feature that you must have in your app. It enables the user to obtain new information, tailor it to his or her needs, and utilise the app on a regular basis.


It’s unlikely that any programme will be able to function without them. They are required to recall and return users to the Android apps development company India on a regular basis. Push notifications are very useful for accomplishing this purpose.

The Costs of the Developing Basic Social Media App

However, if we look at most social networking apps in general, we’ll see that they all have some features and qualities in common. We’ll utilise these crucial elements to determine how much a social media app costs. Any other specialised feature you choose to include will undoubtedly increase prices, but having a baseline infrastructure in place will let you do so.

As a result, here are some of the most important social networking app features and benefits to keep in mind:

  • Account Authorization
  • Profile Creation
  • Messaging
  • Photo and Video Upload
  • Search Feature
  • Other Settings
  • Tagging (Location, Friends, etc.)
  • Basic UI/UX

Knowing these characteristics should provide you with a clear image of the exact aspects on which you should spend your budget. As previously said, most social networking apps differ based on a variety of characteristics. This discrepancy has a direct impact on the entire iOS app development company India cost estimations. According to recent studies and surveys, a social app can cost anywhere between $12,000 and $60,000. Our previous experience supports this.

Authorization of Accounts

Consider account authorisation to be a must-have feature of any social programme because it is the cornerstone of user data and privacy. Your list of mobile apps development companies Bangalore should be able to offer a variety of ways for users to establish accounts by inputting their e-mail or phone number. This comprises, among other things, password reset and recovery, authentication, and security interventions.

Creating a Profile

Another key consideration is that your consumers should be able to express themselves through their user profiles. If we’re going to use Facebook as a metric, we’ll usually ask users to provide their:

  • Name
  • Profile picture
  • Mobile Phone
  • Address
  • Email
  • Website
  • Birthdate

Messaging Communication should be maintained at all times on any social media site, as it significantly increases engagement. Some social media platforms, however, have specific restrictions for direct or private messaging. Will you allow users to attach photographs or videos to their messages? This is something to bear in mind while you plan this functionality.

Uploading Photos and Videos

People should be able to submit whatever photographs and movies they want and organise their galleries anyway they wish. Because most customers want to be able to do some touch-ups before submitting their media, you could want to provide the ability to add filters as well.

Feature of Search

Users want to be able to reach out to their friends and individuals they follow rapidly. Trending material, recent postings, groups they’re interested in, and communities they may join are all examples of this.

Other Situations

Many social media users require the ability to change their preferred language, activate or disable push alerts, and manage privacy settings.

Tagging is a term that is used to describe (Location, Friends, etc.)

Tagging allows you to share content with specific members of your family and friends. It also readily discloses information (particularly location) to persons with whom you want to interact.


The most crucial thing to keep in mind after you’ve decided to start a social app development project is that cost estimates may not always be realised. Again, a lot depends on the conditions mentioned above. This also applies to the various features that many social media app owners opt to include in their platforms during or after the app development process. As a result, you should set aside some funds for this eventuality.

Last but not least, think about creating a minimal viable product (MVP) first. It’s essentially a mockup of your app with all of the core functionality you want it to have. Making this available to your target audience will allow you to collect valuable user input that will help you decide whether you should add more features or if you should keep working on it. As a result, you will be able to save a significant amount of time and money.

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