How much does it cost to build an app like Byju’s for Android with all the features?

89% of smartphone users download different types of applications including social media, games, shopping, and 50% of these downloads are from the education category, in 2019!

Byju’s, the eLearning app, already has 10 million users, a base of thousands of paid subscribers and an excellent retention rate.

Learning via mobile apps development company Bangalore is not the future. It is the present.

The education sector has evolved and it will continue doing so — digitally and in a way more advanced format. Developments made through the promotion of new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality offer real-time learning experiences to learners in a flexible and creative way.

Factors that determine the cost of creating the app, such as Byjus:

When planning to build a learning app, as the cost of byjus varies depending on various factors, the first question every business person has is how much it costs to build a learning app. type Byju or how many? costs the development of an m-learning application. like BYJU ?.

The cost of developing an e-learning app like Byju’s is based on the following main factors:

App Development — Cost to create different apps like Byju for Android and iOS app development company India on the template format you choose .The app designed in such a way that it attracts and retains its users while being user-friendly is of the utmost importance.

Growth — There is a need for the e-learning application, as the cost of byjus varies depending on the incorporation of advanced technologies and tools, which are generally offered at a higher price. The cost of producing e-learning applications like Byju varies across different platforms; Android almost costs more than the iOS platform because it has more devices to check out.

Application administration panel — The cost of list of application development companies Bangalore like byju varies depending on the parties involved in the design of the processes such as the system administration parts i.e. add / block features, monitoring , data controllability.

App size — The cost of creating the Byju app varies depending on the size of the devices. The larger the size, the higher the expense. As an e-learning application, it is expected to contain videos and text snippets that consume space and lead to increased costs.

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Application features-the cost of creating different applications by Byju to implement simple features such as user profiles, barcodes and QR codes, image editing, video services and advanced features such as data synchronization, push alerts, geolocation, etc.

Application Developer — The cost of developing e-learning applications like Byju varies as an experienced and experienced developer on various developers, as his position and knowledge also affect the cost of development.

Advanced features that can be included in an e-learning application

Byju offers highly interactive online coaching courses on TAO, Civil Service Examinations, GMAT, GRE, and School Education. With exceptional performance, integrity and security, Bjyus provides an inclusive learning model.Every educational institution is taking advantage of technology to provide a smarter way to learn applications.

In order for your eLearning list of apps development companies India to stand out from the competition, it is essential that you deliver something more and different than what your competitors serve to their potential audiences. There are several benefits associated with the eLearning portal and the inclusion of the features mentioned below; you would create better user engagement.

Payment in the app

For hands-on sessions, learners search the course and other training materials only in the app. Learners can make a payment via one of the multiple payment methods offered on the app.

Online exam / mock test

Providing the tests and mock exams online in the app itself is good for children/students who are preparing for the exam. It helps them prepare better.

Online learning analysis

By including e-learning analytics in your application, you provide valuable information to learners about their performance; improve learner understanding and learning. It can profoundly change the way education is administered.

Push notification

Push messages help learners to interact and engage easily. Send learning tips, shortcut tips, and more. most easily and attractively. Combine push notifications with regular learning and keep students informed about upcoming classes and other course content updates. This also contributes to the proper functioning of the learning concept.

Gamification of learning

The gamification of the learning process has showered the magical effects. He encouraged students and tutors to develop an interest in online learning. It opens up creative avenues of learning and keeps the excitement alive in learners.

Quiz to earn points

a certain number of students can join the quiz provided by you to earn points. Additionally, students can use these points to download eBooks, study materials, or videos.

VR compatible app

Online learning is about providing convenience and engagement. Nothing can better accentuate user engagement with the latest technological advancements, and that is virtual reality.

Offline mode

A stable internet connection is a concern in many parts of the country. Thus, the application must be able to offer an offline mode, where students can download the modules. This can keep them interested in your app and they will visit it whenever needed, to look for information offline as well.

Functionality required to develop an application like Byju’s :-

A mobile learning app like Byju’s has three different panels: the student panel, the teacher / instructor panel, and the admin dashboard. For each of these panels, you should have a different set of features and functionality as needed.

Student Panel: The student panel is the most viewed and, as the name suggests, is designed to make signing in easy and hassle-free. And once the student logs in, they should be able to navigate the app easily, without the app crashing or taking time to load. Navigation from lesson to lesson and all other features should be effortless. Some of the student panel features that determine the cost of developing an app like Byju are as follows:

  • Simple registration

Admin Panel: The Admin Panel is just as important as this is where you manage users, the content displayed to them, topics, and respond to their complaints. Therefore, an administration panel should have all the functionality that your management may need to provide the best student service, always. Some of the admin panel features that determine the cost of developing an app like Byju’s are as follows

  • Badges management

Teacher Panel: By creating a dedicated teacher panel, you can ensure that your instructors can easily connect and navigate effortlessly. Here are some of the features of the teacher panel that determine the cost of developing an app like Byju’s:

  • Create an account

Teacher Panel: By creating a dedicated teacher panel, you can ensure that your instructors can easily connect and navigate effortlessly. Here are some of the features of the teacher panel that determine the cost of developing an app like Byju’s:

  • Create an account

The cost of developing an application like ByJu’s:

The cost of developing an application like Byju’s depends primarily on the platform, design and size of the application. The cost also depends on the educational app development company you partner with. Here is an average estimate of the time and amount spent developing an educational app.

price of educational app development based on hours:

India — $ 30 to $ 55 per hour

price of educational app development based on the following factors:

Technical implementation — 40–55 hours and an average cost of $ 1500

UI and user experience design: 350 hours and an average cost of $ 20,000

Front-end and back-end process: 450 hours and an average cost of $ 15,000

Test — 80 hours and average cost of $ 2,500

Final words:

Designing a learning app like Byju’s has a lot to offer. If you want to own an app like Byju’s, with one or more of the features mentioned above, we are here to help you make your dream come true. Our team of expert application developers are here to help you anytime in the process. Get a free consultation today!Cost To Develop An E-Learning App Like ByJu’s


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