Dealing with bugs on mobile apps

We all make mistakes. That is why you need a QA team to check your work, protect your health and life. If you are a surgeon, you just have to count on yourself, but our programmers are luckier. QA helps you deliver high-quality products to your customers and analyzes applications from the user’s perspective.

The errors that we encounter on a daily basis can be divided into three groups:

Application specific errors. They are related to the business logic of the application. They can be quite difficult to spot, so a deep understanding of the application can really help you. It is also very important to write down test cases for these types of errors.

Platform specific errors. Each mobile platform ( best android application development company India ) has its own bugs related to the way the operating system works.

Specific errors related to the basic elements of the application architecture.

In this article, I want to focus on the third type of errors. They are the most common and also easy to miss. Let’s take a closer look at some of the

Push notifications

It’s difficult to get them working for the first time, but they are a valuable channel of communication and engagement between an application and a user. It is very important to make sure they work properly.

Specify the input type

First of all, we should always check if the correct keyboard type was opened. It can be very useful for a user to display a keyboard type set to an input field type. For example, for a phone number text field, we would like to show the user a numeric keyboard and for an email text field a keyboard with the “@” character. Believe it or not, users will be very grateful. We must also pay attention to another very important thing which is the type of password entry. It is simply not safe to use a text field for a password. Reading a password over someone’s shoulder is definitely a lot easier than reading their keystrokes.

Automated testing

Automated tests are done through software that has predefined playback functions and then works to compare the output with expected behavior.

This is often only included by large top mobile app development companies in bangalore because equipment and resources are so expensive. Automated tests save a lot of time and effort and also guarantee quality and precision.

For each version of the software, a lot of time is required for manual testing. With the help of automated tests, you can increase the depth and range of your tests.

During each test run, the automated test team can run thousands of test cases. Plus, manual testing is monotonous, which can also get high-profile testers wrong. Automated tests can involve hundreds of virtual users at a time to interact with the application.

Saving time and effort and adding precision to the system are some of the reasons why companies use automated tests. If you want to distribute an mobile app development company in bangalore with minimal errors, have the user do what you want to go through automated testing processes.

“Have a Look at Our Grocery App for android/iOS”

The 5 most common defects found during UI testing

Compatibility errors

Ensuring the app’s compatibility with as many devices as possible is the bonus of the digital age. The biggest challenge here is that today’s smartphones are packed with functionality in terms of hardware and software that can be mixed in a variety of unimaginable combinations.

Inconsistencies in page layout across devices

The representation of inconsistencies, misalignments and overlaps that occur when the end user accesses the application using devices with different screen sizes, especially when it comes to e-commerce, can lead to significant losses in revenue. It’s almost as if a storefront went blurry when a potential customer decided to get closer.

Unnecessary navigation

If your application needs guidance, that’s already a fundamental usability issue.

No landscape mode

A good top 10 mobile apps development company India should be designed for both portrait and landscape. Additionally, many experts agree that different approaches to the user interface of each orientation should be considered, especially if the application includes video content.

The 5 most common defects found during performance tests

“Work by Design” Performance Issues

It is a group of questions related to the design of the application. Simply put, they occur because the application behaves exactly as designed, but the design itself is flawed. It can involve an unscalable architecture, improper loading techniques, too much synchronization, and so on.

Memory-related problems

They involve more thmemory leakage, inproper caching, & insufficient memory allocation.

Interface performance issues

These problems are usually triggered by using an old driver or library, frequent lack of database maintenance, missing database indexes, registry problems, and so on.

Slow response time

The list of top reasons Mobile apps development company Bangalore becomes slow includes the following: network latency, non-optimized encrypted connections, slow server speed, chattering conversations, application data overpopulation.


Applications crash due to unnoticed bugs. Any added features or functionality should be thoroughly tested.

Bottom lines

To develop an application without errors, you need to hire application developers in India who can meet all your demands. Once you launch your app, you will need to continually keep it updated and consult with the community built around it.

Well, to achieve “bug-free” applications, you should take some precautions beforehand when developing an application. So stay cool, and I hope this blog has helped you solve all your queries about mobile app development without errors.

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