Best Virtual Reality Apps you should know of in 2021

Best Virtual Reality Apps you should know of in 2021

The classroom is changing rapidly: whiteboards, tablets, and classrooms full of computers are now an integral part of today’s school system. As time goes on, the introduction of virtual reality becomes more and more interesting and a better investment, because, yes, it still comes at a high price.

In this blog post, I will show you cool Mobile apps development company India that will bring your lessons using VR to life and show you what VR has to offer in education.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computing technique in which you appear to be in a different reality. Through the use of virtual reality glasses, visible reality is replaced by computer-generated images. The glasses contain a screen and close the view of the outside world. Because each eye sees its own image, which differs slightly from that of the other eye, you see depth in the virtual environment. In other words: you can see this virtual “world” in 3D.

Virtual reality applications for languages

Let your students practice languages at home using virtual reality, something much more fun than completing a worksheet. You can also use some of these VR language apps in the classroom — create a VR corner for students who are fast workers and need an extra challenge. They can use the virtual reality glasses to practice more in a fun way.

Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR wants to make the , immersive storytelling ,future of the entertainment. The top 10 mobile apps development company India offers hundreds of movies, shows, documentaries, tours and concerts in 360 degrees, all in virtual reality.

When you put on the headphones, you will be transported to a virtual room where you can choose from a huge collection of immersive experiences, segmented by 20 different channels. At the touch of a button, you can tour stunning Redwood National Park, follow the San Francisco Giants pregame routine and hit the field with them on opening day, or sit back and enjoy Emmy-winning documentaries.

Jaunt’s content is already engaging on its own, but in virtual reality, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing the events they have documented.

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts & Culture partnered with more than 1,200 international museums, galleries and institutions in 70 countries to create the world’s most accessible and immersive art and history experience. By offering virtual guided tours of the world’s most famous museums and curated exhibits, you can learn about the works of art, artifacts, and stories that have shaped our world’s many unique cultures.

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Inside Abbey Road

Legendary artists such as The Beatles, Queen and Oasis, among many others, have recorded their greatest hits on Abbey Road, and the music created at the famous studio will continue to impact our culture for years to come.

Google and Abbey Road decided to create Inside Abbey Road to guide the public through a virtual tour of the studio, allowing them to explore the place of origin of some of the foremost genre within the world.

The tour begins with a nine-part series on the studio’s history from the 1930s to now. After you that, you can explore the different recording rooms that most famous musicians have been used, and even ,enter a mixing studio to try your, hand at music production.

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Google expeditions

Guide students through collections of 360 ° scenes and 3D objects, mentioning fascinating sites and artifacts on the approach.. The virtual reality top 10 mobile apps development company Bangalore allows you to take your students on an expedition and allow them to explore history, science, the arts, and the natural world. Whether you’re wandering around with dinosaurs or looking at Renaissance sculptures, there is something amazing to explore for each theme.

YouTube VR

With the YouTube virtual reality app, you can “teleport” to certain locations. It lets you watch 360-degree videos, putting you in the middle of all the action. The “travel” playlist is one that I highly recommend. You can find interesting videos to teach students about nature, countries around the world, culture and history.

Apollo 11 VR

Normally, we see a rocket shoot to the moon only as a spectator in front of the television, or in red and white blocked in a Tintin comic. The Apollo 11 VR application places you in the body of ,an astronaut who is most experiencing the iconic NASA mission ,from a first-person perspective.

Discovery VR (Android and iOS)

No list covering the best virtual reality apps would be complete without Discovery VR. Still coming off our top list for 2019, it is the official Discovery Channel app and is available for all Android apps development company India and iOS devices running Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+ respectively. Unfortunately, you can’t see all of the Discovery content in this app, but it still has a lot of VR content that you can enjoy.

Discovery VR offers a variety of videos in different environments that allow users to explore hard-to-reach places. As this is an initial version of the application, we expect some new features and more content in the next versions.

Zombie Shooter VR (Android)

Zombie Shooter VR remains a favorite on iOS and Android that does exactly what its name suggests — it helps users shoot zombies. It was originally a paid application in its early days. However, the development team set it free to compete with the fierce competition in the virtual reality ecosystem. However, there are in-application ,purchases if you want to the ,upgrade your experience.

One of the most user-friendly aspects of the game is the controls. All you have to do is look at the zombies and fire the gun. This ease of use makes it one of our options, especially if you are new to virtual reality and trying to get used to the sensations.


I hope I have given you all the information you need to consider including virtual reality in your future classroom. There are many free and educational virtual reality apps. Even on a smaller budget, you can use Google Cardboard to give your students the best learning experience. Especially now, when traveling is not possible in real life, virtual reality is worth the investment.

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