Best Trending Camera Apps for Android & iOS

The selfie trend is at its peak these days. Young people are now so inclined to take selfies and they take selfies no matter where they are. We have observed that they can do anything to achieve the perfect selfie. They invest huge sums of money in expensive flagships just because they offer the best cameras with awesome image results.

Taking selfies is becoming as critical for most young people as oxygen is. Young people see it as a good way to express themselves, which is why they want to capture every moment of their life. However, they don’t just want selfies, they want perfect selfies. For this, they usually do not know what to do.

There are so many selfie apps that can help you take the best selfies. A lot of people might be familiar with good selfie camera apps, but are not convinced that this one is more suitable and better than others.

In today’s article, you will find out which front camera app is right for you. If you are an Android user, we will tell you about the selfie apps for Android apps development company India that are right for you. And if you are an iOS user, you will know more about the ios selfie app.

Best Trending Camera Apps for Android & iOS


Retrica isn’t just a camera yet it is likewise a local area. You can meet and make new companions in this selfie manager There are over 100 filters in this selfie editor. You can select any of them and see them in real time before taking your selfies. It also gives you the flexibility to capture your good side instead of modifying it.

Besides, you can likewise add doodles to your selfies. A lone shot will take the best review while a long press will catch the live video. You can likewise change to GIF mode and transform the review or video into your second GIF.

you can take different selfies and turn them into a wonderful montage. To animate and edit your photographs, there are over 100 stickers in this magnificence channel app.

Retrica isn’t just a camera however it is additionally a local area. You can meet and make new companions in this selfie editorial manager


PhotoDirector is one of the most powerful and refined photo editing apps available on Android. It gives you fun filters, frames, and effects, but it gives you more control than some of its peers. For example, you can adjust the strength of the effects and choose to apply them globally or selectively.

You also have a lot of control over the main image, as you can adjust white balance, saturation, hue, sharpness, hue, and more.

Candy Camera:

Candy Camera is one of the great selfie camera applications that gives you an enormous scope of channels, casings and stickers alternatives so you can add a bit of style to your photographs. In excess of 7,000,000 people take selfies with Candy Camera reliably.

There is a different extent of channels uncommonly planned for selfies. You can make your skin look astonishing with each Candy Camera channel. To locate the ideal improving channel for a selfie, you can swipe your finger left and decision to change the channel. Right when you take a selfie, this brilliance channel application shows you persistently.

Moreover, there are in like manner modifying instruments for the ideal selfie, including diminishing, whitening, concealer, lipstick, become flushed, eyeliner, mascara. So you can change or use makeup stickers to look incredible in your selfies.

You can design your selfies with stickers for each season, event and pattern. You can likewise make a composition of your selfies.

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Google Earth:

Good old Google Earth. If you’ve spent time near a computer over the past decade you’ve probably played around with Google Earth, but did you also know that you can use it on your phone as well? Google Earth is an incredibly useful tool for locating places from afar.

It allows you to easily see buildings, geological features, and other areas that you might be interested in when planning a shoot. Google Earth uses a very simple interface that you probably already know. There isn’t a very remarkable expectation to absorb information here. Essentially download the application, begin acclimating yourself with the territory, and prepare to shoot.

Scout Scout:

If you’ve ever searched for places and returned home without remembering what you just saw, Scene Scout is here to help. This useful tracking app allows you to collect details and photos of your tracking sessions, save them to your phone and share them through social networks. It not only makes it easier to remember and track what you’ve seen, but also to share your ideas with friends, clients, and coworkers.


There are many list of mobile application development companies India editing tools out there, but VSCO might be one of the most popular due to the large number of filters it has with a simple user interface and the fact that it can also be used as an editing tool. editing. sharing. Use the free VSCO filters or buy more for a small price. VSCO allows you to adjust things like exposure, contrast, and white balance in the app. With many different filtering options, this app has something for anyone who likes to edit on their phone.


If you’ve always wanted to share photos with family and close friends without having the photos seen by everyone you’re connected to on Facebook, Cluster is a great option. This app allows you to invite people to private groups where you can share, comment and “add” “favorite” photos. It’s a great way to share photos and interact with the important people in your life while maintaining a sense of privacy.

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LightX Photo Editor

There are many filtering and photo fixer apps on Android, but LightX Photo Editor is one of the many full-featured editing apps.

It has many filters, as well as tools to sharpen images and remove blemishes, and much more.

You can change the hue, saturation, and tone, adjust focus, add frame, sticker, or text, merge images, create collages, flip, crop and rotate, draw on images, and change color. perspective.

This is all free, but there is an optional IAP to remove the ads and add a few extra features.

Whether you go for the free or paid version, LightX is a powerful and feature-rich app that should meet most mobile photo editing needs.

Google Photos :

There are probably hundreds of photo apps out there, but Google Photos stands out because it gives you unlimited storage for photos and videos, all for free.

That’s reason enough to get on board, especially since it works not only on Android but also on iOS apps development company India and computers.

But with basic editing tools and the ability to create collages and albums, it’s more than just photo and video storage, it aims to be your first and last stop after taking a photo. To achieve this, it will need a few more features, but it’s on the right track.

Posing App:

Few things are more uncomfortable than being in the middle of a shoot and running out of things to say to your subjects. It’s a strange and terrible feeling. The Posing app makes it a thing of the past. This app offers pose ideas for everyone from couples to kids presented in a clear and easy-to-use way. Think of it as a cheat sheet that’s stored right on your phone.

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