6 Steps followed by FuGenx Technologies while Developing a Mobile App .

while Developing a Mobile App .

In today’s fast-paced world, the mobile application development market is expanding by more leaps & bounds. Consequently, mobile app development company in bangalore marketing strategies are becoming more & more competitive. To ensure application visibility in such a complex scenario, application manufacturers must be very particular about their approach to mobile application development (including game applications). To build a successful mobile app, you need to follow a systematic approach to the mobile app development lifecycle. We have outlined 10 steps to creating a successful mobile app to help you through this process.

Identification / Clarification

To create a successful mobile application, you must identify or be clear about:

Target users of the application: An application should always be developed with the target users of an application in mind. Have a clear vision regarding the target group, improve the success rate of an application.

Mobile platforms and devices to be supported: Mobile platforms and devices should be selected with hardware performance, battery life, robustness, and required peripherals in mind. Certain factors to consider when selecting mobile devices and platforms include coverage, device support, performance, and other features.

Revenue Model: The application market is booming like never the before. To ensure this resource and generate more revenue & sale the mobile application developer must select the appropriate approach according to the app There are different models of generating income from mobile applications that include paid applications, standalone applications and freemiums within the application, ads, subscription and pay per download. These techniques can be used to generate income. However, the developer’s approach must be in accordance with the application. It is very essential for the to developer to attract the more user and spend money on the various parts of the aspects ,of the mobile application.

From ideation to planning

Once the central idea of ​​the application has been clearly defined, the next step in best Mobile app development companies in India is to identify various elements involved in the actual planning. Remember that there is most likely at least one, if not several, app similar to your idea already in the app store. But don’t let this stop you. Instead of waiting for that perfect single idea, focus on developing your target audience. Take some time to research why other similar apps worked or didn’t work well, why some of them are more successful with the user base, etc. Make sure your application is compatible with a variety of brands, devices, and mobile operating systems (OS).

Your research should focus on these four main questions that will shape the future of your mobile app development project:

Who are my competitors

  • How to design an application that best suits my requirement
  • What will my technical specification be?
  • How can I better monetize my application?

Once you’ve answered these questions, fine-tune your app idea and incorporate the features that will appeal to users. Various open forums allow you to submit your app design and idea and provide feedback.

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Testing the App for Performance

Launching a mobile application, without a beta more test can prove disastrous. You have no idea how the mobile app you developed will perform in an actual environment with multiple users. A strict beta test will help you get feedback from your target users, earn visibility in application stores, and fix what needs to be fixed in your application. But there are a more few points, to keep in mind, as you conduct a as:

Define your more target audience: This will help you find the right the testers, which results in a relevant more market analysis.

Spot and eliminate bugs: Even the beta version of your application, must be flawless because you will be introducing ,it to your audience.

Get your friends experts, and whoever is willing to give constructive criticism to review your aplication’s beta version. Ask them to use it extensively, and help you identify more, any flaws & application design snags to save you the pain of making costly correction post-launch.

Now the building!

Now comes the actual mobile app development companies in bangalore stage. The goal is to create the best possible version of the product you have in mind within budget and time constraints. To get started, choose the type of application platform you are building for. These are the key mobile app development platforms:

Native Applications: These applications are specific to a particular platform. While they provide the best user experience, creating them requires a higher skill level

Single Page Web Apps / Web Apps — These apps are cheaper and faster to build, and are easily cross-platform compatible. You can use CSS, JavaScript or HTML5 code to create web applications.


Hybrid Apps — These are new kids on the mobile application development block. You need to take advantage of the prebuilt native containers and use them in conjunction with web coding on the go.

Mobile app marketing

After launching your app, the next step is marketing. Implementing results-oriented promotional strategies can make your application have a big impact. Social media platforms are best suited to increase knowledge about an application. So it would be great to promote your app there.

Now, you must the thinking about how to make smart users the of social media account for Mobile application development companies Bangalore marketing. It is not like this? If so, the following is the correct solution!

When people know what your app is about, they will surely click the download button. Just spread the word about your app by creating engaging videos of the app’s functionality and post them on social media with a link to your app. This will increase the level of curiosity of the viewers to know more about the application, and they will give the link a hit. Many business owners have implemented this marketing strategy and achieved exemplary results in terms of drifting traffic.

Create a minimal viable application

It is essential to check your application before it goes to plug. player could be a version of your application that solely consists of the foremost necessary options.

MVP could be a should because it answers such a big amount of necessary queries just like the following:

  • What downside will your application solve?
  • What method can your users use to resolve the problem?
  • What is it that creates your application essential?
  • What is the foremost necessary feature of your application?
  • What area unit the characteristics that you just should have in your application?
  • What options must you prioritize?
  • MVP is deep contemplation of your application in a very shell. It permits you to grasp the essence of the appliance exactly.

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